Monthnotes for December 2015

December has been both a slow and a hectic month – slow as I spent part of it on vacation, and part was gobbled up by the holidays; hectic for the exact same reasons: The end of the year is always busy, and this year all the work was compressed into less (crunch) time.

I’m writing this on the train headed to Hamburg for Chaos Computer Congress (32C3), mentally with one foot still in the old year, one in the new…

Following an old tradition, I wrote up what happened in 2015.

What else happened?

Self-initiated projects

Dearsouvenir issue is still getting us a lot of great feedback. Now it’s time to build on that and get more stable processes going so we can get a nice steady flow going next year.

Starting to think for real about so we’ll have something to show for at the Salone in Milan in spring. Where our ebook Understanding the Connected Home provides a glimpse into some of our thinking into the challenges, issues, and opportunities of the connected home, The Good Home project takes this to the next level by actually designing a home for the 21st century. Concretely we’ll be starting with the kitchen, and aim to present some serious proposals by late spring/early summer.


Interaction16: Very excited to announce Tricia Wang (website, Constellate Data) is going to join our line-up of 6 keynotes – she’ll be talking data: How can interaction designers work better with data, what changes for their work? Also, the list of speakers and talks (if not the agenda proper) is available on the Interaction16 site, so feel free to dig right in.

Plans for ThingsCon over the next year(s) are still in the making, albeit a bit slower than usual, what with Simon and Max having moved, and Emu having become a dad, and me being on the road so much lately. Shareable updates soon, I promise!

Client work

Bosch ConnectedExperience (#BCX), an IoT event we’re helping Bosch plan is ramping up (for registration info hop on over to the BCX website).

A fun and interesting new policy related work with Google is coming together nicely. Might have more on that later.

Everything else running along smoothly but with nothing to report.

Shout out

It was fun seeing Will’s FaceSwapLive app (iOS) blow up all over the media. (Even Canadian prime minister Trudeau used it!)

It’s also planning time for 2016, which is shaping up to be a very exciting year. On the horizon are exciting events and client engagements, a number of trips, and some time spent in great places, as well as ideas to explore. But all in due time. It’s still a few days until 2016.

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