Monthnotes for Jan 2016

The year has started full-steam, so I hit the ground running. Lots of projects to juggle, plenty of excitement in the air around all the various things going on. So let’s keep this one short and pithy!

In self-directed stuff…

  • ThingsCon: The first satellite for 2016 is going to take place in Brussels thanks to our friends and collaborators: Dries De Roeck and Rob van Kranenburg are going to host ThingsCon Brussels, themed “Blockchain, IoT & People“, on Feb 29.
  • The Good Home is picking up steam as we kicked off a collaboration with BBC Homelab at a London workshop. As we’re prepping for exhibiting at Fuori Salone in Milan, we’re already looking for future hosts for The Good Home.
  • Dearsouvenir: We’re kicking into gear with the planning and production for issue #2, and also setting up a separate company to run this more independently going forward.
  • Interaction 16 keynotes number five and six have just been announced, and boy am I looking forward to seeing Tricia Wang and Cameron Sinclair in Helsinki in a few weeks. Also, the schedule is sorted out and published (still will be polished a bit, but the info is all there). Come to Helsinki!

In client work…

All projects ongoing and coming along nicely, but not much to share publicly at the moment except that Bosch ConnectedExperience is getting ready with a top notch speaker line-up from the world of IoT, hardware, design. Participation is free, but requires registration. It’s March 8/9 in Berlin.

That’s the short version for this month. Have a great February!