Month notes April 2015

For quite a while I haven’t managed to write regular . However, I do like writing regular updates and they tend to turn out to be quite useful as a reference. So I’ll try monthly notes instead, and play with the format. Here go my first .

In client work…

  • Been working with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Designswarm on a number of projects around IoT research, and preparing for more with a focus on smart cities. Always a pleasure!
  • NEXT Conf is moving (back) to Hamburg and will be joining forces with Reeperbahn Festival, so some program planning is in order to make these mash nicely. It’s great to have a music festival around, shakes things up a bit.
  • Some more heavily NDA’d work might or might not become shareable soon.

In self-directed work…

  • ThingsCon. Lots of ThingsCon. It’s just a few days out, so it takes up just about all my time in the coming week.
  • Interaction16 is moving along nicely, thanks to my energetic and insanely well-organized co-chairs Sami Niemelä and Otto Virta and their team.
  • Dearsouvenir (temporary website) is getting real. We’ll launch it in June as a tablet-first travel magazine that focuses on exploring a city or region through (you guessed it!) souvenirs. This is with Wolfgang Macht and the lovely folks over at Carry-On Publishing.

Also, I was very happy to be kindly invited by the Wangdao Alliance to host a high-level panel with Maverick Shih (Acer), Ulrich Schmitz (Axel Springer), Hank Huang (National Chiao Tung University), Christophe Maire (Atlantic Labs) and Torsten Jensen (BVDS), where we explored opportunities of hardware collaboration between Taiwan and Germany at EXA Summit.

Still in a state of vague-ish exploration is some more work on an iot event, with a seed investment fund, and around the impact of connectedness in development cooperation. Exciting stuff coming up. But first, ThingsCon – until then it’s all about switching to tunnel vision.

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