View Source: Shenzhen [en][author] An exploration of the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem & the importance of creating a responsible IoT. (June 2017)

Understanding the Connected Home: Thoughts on living in tomorrow’s connected home. [en][co-author]  Second edition. Available at and on the Kindle Store. Co-authored with Michelle Thorne. (Fully revised second edition, June 2016)

The Indie Conference Organizer Handbook [en][co-author] A practical guide to running your very own indie conference, written with Max Krüger. (Published July 2014)

Weblogs und Politikjournalisten – Die Bedeutung von Weblogs für die Arbeit von Politikjournalisten. [de] Bihr, Peter (2008). VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. Magisterarbeit, 228 Seiten. ISBN-10: 3836464292, ISBN-13: 978-3836464291. Available on or as a free PDF download.

Second Life [en] Bihr, Peter / Praus, Thomas / Senges, Max (2007). ISBN: 978-84-9788-609-3. Textbook for UOC Summer University course. Editorial UOC, Barcelona. English version (“Virtual Worlds – A Second Life Beginner’s Guide”) released under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike). (Downloads and more info here.)


A Trustmark for IoT. [en][author] A ThingsCon report exploring potentials and challenges for a trustmark for the Internet of Things. Commissioned by Mozilla. (September 2017)

The State of Responsible IoT. [en][co-publisher] A ThingsCon report and essay collection by experts from the inter-disciplinary ThingsCon community of IoT practitioners. It explores the challenges, opportunities and questions surrounding the creation of a responsible & human-centric Internet of Things (IoT). (June 2017)


Dearsouvenir Magazine [de/en][co-publisher] Exploring travel through the stories behind souvenirs. Co-publisher. Nov 2015, May 2016

The Good Home [en][co-publisher] The Good Home exhibition magazine. Milan Furniture Fair 2016, London Design Festival 2016

Connected [en][co-publisher] Connected tracks the evolving Internet of Things ecosystem through a collection of essays published as a newspaper. Edited jointly with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. May 2014, Oct 2014


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Connection Problem [en] A more personal glimpse behind the scenes. This is where I try out new ideas, where things are a little more conversational.