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A busy, productive and fun week comes to a close. These are some of the things that caught my eye along the way. 1. Travel planning with M. 2. Graffitied store front at Oranienstrasse. 3. Front door at Oranienstrasse. 1UP! 4. German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk asked me to join them in the Berlin HQ for an interview about the Quantified Self. Good fun! 5. Artist Aram Bartholl recently ran a workshop showing how to vacuum your own Guy Fawkes mask. Found one in the wild! 6. At Supermarkt, a relatively new art space in Berlin, an ambitious team of baristas works with Stumptown beans. Heaven! In related news, we found a location for Ignite Berlin 2012. 7. This abandoned lot around the corner from our office has served well as a simple outdoor bar for a couple of years. Looks like it’s going to be developed soon. 8. @wundalous is working out a mathematical theory of the Internet of Things on our new humongous office whiteboard. 9. WTF LOL. Sticker near Kimchi Princess & Angry Chicken. 10. This huge building at Hermannplatz (Berlin-Neukölln) has been standing more or less empty like this for ages.