10 photos.


It's been awhile.

Game Night at Stadtbad Wedding (aka "next year Wedding is going to be big")

Stamps, lots of.

Post It Pacman

Window, wall, lamp



Input, output


Some photos from a week that I spent mostly at a client’s office.

1. Graffiti at Berlin Alexanderplatz 2. Reactivating my fountain pen, a graduation present from my dad. 3. At Stattbad Wedding, a former pool turned event location, the audience could playtest game designers’ experimental collaborative video games. 4. Big, fat letter needs stamps galore. 5. Pacman ate my brainstorming session. 6. Hotel room at gorgeous Mövenpick hotel in the old watertower in Hamburg. Also, inappropriate filters. 7. Anti-ACTA graffiti in an unexpected context. Or maybe Michael wants to tell us something? 8. Gorgeous view during a Hamburg sunset. 9. Input/Output: What kept us going during long work days. (Not recommended.) 10. A foggy morning in Hamburg. First thing I saw when I left my hotel.