10 photos.

lines & dots


striped, scratched


Super excited about this.


Freshly cut strawberry sweets

The Yellow Door

Orchestre Miniature in the Park. Live. Fantastic!

Posting 10 photos a week helps me be more aware of my surroundings. I really like that.

1. Dots and lines. 2. The sun behind the TV tower. Days are getting longer again. 3. Street art. 4. The bar at Direktorenhaus has this pretty neat effect. There are paintings on the wall in three different colors. Depending on the light at any given moment, only the paintings in that color are actually visible. 5. Direktorenhaus is a pretty lovely event space in Berlin. This is the entrance. 6. The empty space where I snatched up a painting. 7. Super excited to have this painting in my apartment. 8. The woman behind the counter was cutting up fresh strawberry candy in a small shop in Hamburg Altona. When I took the photo, she insisted I first try a piece – yum! 9. The yellow door at subway station Kottbusser Tor 10. The fantastic Orchestre Miniature In The Park

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