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10 photos.


Ukiyo-e Meister Ichimura Mamoru


M., after.

Mount Fuji



Slow drip

learning what the kids are up to these days



10 photos from Japan. 1. Ukiyo-e Meister Ichimura Mamoru with one of his prints. 2. Kyoto. 3. Michelle, after. 4. Mount Fuji. 5. Boats on Lake Kawaguchi. 6. Arrived Shinjuku after a long, long travel day. 7. Impressive slow drip machine. Oji? 8. On the plane, learning what the kids are up to these days. (Hint: Tumblr, Pinterest.) 9. Dramatic lighting at Tegel. 10. Just before heading out to Japan, Berlin’s spring is really kicking in. Gorgeous!

10 photos.


americano, sun and yoghurt with granola.


Cat wash

Pattern Recognition Expert. What an awesome title.

QR art



ORLY, printer? Easily offended.



While wrapping up before my vacation, the week was busy and productive. Also, lots of nice occasions for good food, as some of these photos might tell you. 1. Americano, sun and yoghurt with granola. 2. Sunset at Görlitzer Bahnhof 3. Cat wash. 4. Pattern Recognition Expert. What an awesome title. Screenshot from the lovely-looking documentary 100 Yen. 5. Quite possibly the first kinda useful use of a QR code: let’s you travel back in time to check how that wall/sign has been changing. 6. Stripes. 7. Trout at 3Schwestern. 8. I offended our printer, it seems. 9. Flowers. 10. Triumph.

10 photos.



Sun, meet Berlin. Berlin, meet the sun.



Hello Little Fella!

Location check

Lovely Tripbirds invite

barrier free displays



Phew, what a week. Intense & excellent stuff. More soon.

1. Streetart in Kreuzberg. 2. The sun is out in Berlin. The view after a very, very good meeting. 3. -happy- 4. Stripes. 5. Hello litte fella! 6. Location check. 7. The good folks over at Tripbirds sent me a lovely personal invitation. 8. Yours truly, testing some tools for barrier-free computer access at a test parcours. Also, visual impairment glasses. 9. Lovely breakfast at Gipfeltreffen, Berlin 10. Fog at a bridge in Bonn, Germany. Quite gorgeous.

10 photos


Travel planning

store front

front door

ARD Hauptstadtstudio



@wundalous is just getting started.



A busy, productive and fun week comes to a close. These are some of the things that caught my eye along the way. 1. Travel planning with M. 2. Graffitied store front at Oranienstrasse. 3. Front door at Oranienstrasse. 1UP! 4. German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk asked me to join them in the Berlin HQ for an interview about the Quantified Self. Good fun! 5. Artist Aram Bartholl recently ran a workshop showing how to vacuum your own Guy Fawkes mask. Found one in the wild! 6. At Supermarkt, a relatively new art space in Berlin, an ambitious team of baristas works with Stumptown beans. Heaven! In related news, we found a location for Ignite Berlin 2012. 7. This abandoned lot around the corner from our office has served well as a simple outdoor bar for a couple of years. Looks like it’s going to be developed soon. 8. @wundalous is working out a mathematical theory of the Internet of Things on our new humongous office whiteboard. 9. WTF LOL. Sticker near Kimchi Princess & Angry Chicken. 10. This huge building at Hermannplatz (Berlin-Neukölln) has been standing more or less empty like this for ages.

10 photos.




Gun Rack

street art

Has Been Coffee Has Been Had

Chocolate Orange Cake


Old school


Room with a view

Some of the things that crossed my path this week. 1. Visiting my goddaughter Indira. 2. A neighborhood store brought out some of their goods, or it was some kind of mini flea market. 3. Office gun rack. The way Lightbox on Android keeps messing with photo uploads is quite hilarious. I sense a collection of these things coming up. Did anyone just say The New Aesthetic? 4. Streetart, Kreuzberg. 5. Johannes brought some Has Bean beans back from London. So good with the Aeropress. 6. Excellent chocolate orange cake at Kuchenrausch. 7. On Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg 36, many store fronts have really nice graffitis. It’s worth strolling down the street in the mornings while everything’s still closed, ie. before 9am. 8. In the small German city of Münster, the train station seems to be stuck in a time capsule. It’s the 50s there, as these (original?) ads clearly show. 9. Giddy while waiting for a massive upload to finish. It was the slideshow for the Third Wave forecast report. 10. Berlin is a pretty flat city. So if you get a chance to see something from higher up, go for it. This is the view from the 11th floor on to Potsdamer Platz.

10 photos.


lines & dots


striped, scratched


Super excited about this.


Freshly cut strawberry sweets

The Yellow Door

Orchestre Miniature in the Park. Live. Fantastic!

Posting 10 photos a week helps me be more aware of my surroundings. I really like that.

1. Dots and lines. 2. The sun behind the TV tower. Days are getting longer again. 3. Street art. 4. The bar at Direktorenhaus has this pretty neat effect. There are paintings on the wall in three different colors. Depending on the light at any given moment, only the paintings in that color are actually visible. 5. Direktorenhaus is a pretty lovely event space in Berlin. This is the entrance. 6. The empty space where I snatched up a painting. 7. Super excited to have this painting in my apartment. 8. The woman behind the counter was cutting up fresh strawberry candy in a small shop in Hamburg Altona. When I took the photo, she insisted I first try a piece – yum! 9. The yellow door at subway station Kottbusser Tor 10. The fantastic Orchestre Miniature In The Park

10 photos.



It's been awhile.

Game Night at Stadtbad Wedding (aka "next year Wedding is going to be big")

Stamps, lots of.

Post It Pacman

Window, wall, lamp



Input, output


Some photos from a week that I spent mostly at a client’s office.

1. Graffiti at Berlin Alexanderplatz 2. Reactivating my fountain pen, a graduation present from my dad. 3. At Stattbad Wedding, a former pool turned event location, the audience could playtest game designers’ experimental collaborative video games. 4. Big, fat letter needs stamps galore. 5. Pacman ate my brainstorming session. 6. Hotel room at gorgeous Mövenpick hotel in the old watertower in Hamburg. Also, inappropriate filters. 7. Anti-ACTA graffiti in an unexpected context. Or maybe Michael wants to tell us something? 8. Gorgeous view during a Hamburg sunset. 9. Input/Output: What kept us going during long work days. (Not recommended.) 10. A foggy morning in Hamburg. First thing I saw when I left my hotel.