10 Photos from Portugal


Luckily, I got to spend the week in Portugal, mostly around Odeceixe with a few day trips around the Algarve. It’s a lovely, gorgeous region. Go if you have the chance.


approaching the beach


Vota CDU










Lagos, Portugal


Lagos, Portugal




Greetings from home


  1. Approaching the beach at Odeceixe | 2. Something tells me this isn’t Angela Merkel’s CDU. | 3-5. The coast near Sagres | 6. Fresh oysters | 7-8. Lagos | 9. The INTERNET | 10. Greetings from home

10 photos for June 25


While working on some more stuff to announce/release soon, here are #10photos from this week and last.


FiveElephant Ethopia

Powering the office this week: FiveElephant’s Ethiopian beans.



Sunset on Landwehrkanal, Berlin. #nofilter



Sneak peak at a thing we’ve been building at KANT, pre-launch.



Lovely retro looking Personna SUPER SUPER packaging.


Berlin Hustles Harder

Street sign, found on the ground.


The Works

The Works, fantastic book about the infrastructure that powers NYC.






A local artists keep putting these string-based pieces on the street in our neighborhood.


Core Text Records, Berlin, Germany - Google Maps

Gmaps data bug has this street wrongly listed after a local record store. It’s been like this for years, and nobody here wants to report it. Core Text Records Street ftw.


phone gloves

The phone glove. Makes up for the lack of call quality by, well, the fact that it exists.

Recollecting my Instagrams & other social data


So, Instragram announced updates to their Terms of Services. Nothing unusual about it, really, only that the updates seem to be aimed at monetizing by allowing advertisers to use your photos without prior notice or consent (besides agreeing to the ToS, obviously).

Now, often times ToS changes trigger all kinds of resentment by the user base, and in many cases it’s a matter of legalese or bad communications. Say, if a service requires consent to copying and distributing your content: Copying and distributing can easily sound like selling or licensing or doing other weird things with your data, while it might just be necessary to run the service you signed up for. After all, you can’t store a digital image without making copies of it. That kinda thing.

That said, Instagram’s new ToS seem to be more directly aimed at advertisers, and as such it’s a different game altogether. Furthermore, they’re now part of Facebook, and as such – in my eyes – much less trustworthy than a year ago. Facebook has a horrible track record of abusing users’ trust, for example by changing default privacy settings and making it unnecessarily hard to opt out of new features. So personally I’m not willing to give Instagram/Facebook the benefit of the doubt on this one.


But enough with the rant. The Instagram ToS kerfuffle was as good an excuse as any to eventually try out Recollect, a service run by good former Flickr engineers, who sources closer to the matter tell me are good, trustworthy folks. Moreover, they’re building a service that charges users upfront, which seems to be to be a good model of building sustainable businesses.

So what does Recollect do? Simple – it backs up data from your social media accounts. I just had Recollect gather my Tweets, Instagram and Flickr photos as well as Foursquare check-ins. You can then proceed to download them to your local machine. (In the case of Instagram, it saves everything as HTML, so you get to keep not just your photos, but faves, comments, etc.) It’s simple, and a useful thing to do if you think that archiving your data is useful at all.

Recollecting Screenshot of the Recollect dashboard. Note the activity on the different services, and how they changed over time.


A nice side effect: The dashboard shows you your activity on these other services. In my case, as you can see in the screenshot, I saved more than 12.000 items, including 7.500+ Flickr photos and about 1.500 Foursquare check-ins.

I won’t be losing much Instagram: Since the Android app only came out this year, I have less than 400 photos there, it’s really a minor problem. (I also had them automatically cross-posted to Flickr anyway.) It’s just a bit of a bummer that Twitter introduced an API limit awhile ago, allowing only about the last 3.000 tweets to be accessed – so for me that means I’m about six years short on Twitter archives. Which is pretty bad, and another reason to back up data there as it passes through.

I’ve only been testing Recollect for a single day yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep using it and will be happy to pay the monthly fee for a reliable backup and the option to export my data whenever I choose. Recommended!

10 photos


flying fish


Get Well Soon






pink army


Montmartre sky










After a long time with no #10photos, it’s time for another round, featuring a weekend in Paris, some Berlin and a concert.


1. flying fish kites at Tempelhofer Feld 2. The fantastic Get Well Soon 3. Exterminator shop window, Paris 4. Electric cars charging on the Île de la Cité 5. The Pink Army 6. Montmartre 7. taking a break in paris 8.-10. Louvre: the Nintendo DS as an audio guide, the biggest frame in the louvre and a statue

10 photos.


Unleash the kraken!


It's still 2012, isn't it?


Teddy & co


keeping it real

Love kills



Now that I’ve abandoned my strict 10 photos per Sunday routine anyway, here are 10 from the last two weeks or so. Just didn’t get around to taking or posting any more than that.

1. Unleash the Kraken! Half a 3D printed kraken at Hive Berlin 2. Tor 3. IFA manages to produce ads that look like parodies of their ads. It’s the real deal, though. 4. fuck yeah, science! 5. Part of the Phactory Bar & a teddy with an Arduino up its bum, possessed by @lndlrd 6. Team Phactory Bar at Campusparty Europe 7. keepin’ it real 8. love kills 9. working from the ‘fox office for a day 10. chilling at the lake

7 photos.


Zombie dog


All caps

Travel planning



Words of wisdom

I’ve been neglecting my photos a bit, as well as this blog. Will change that soon, promise. As for this week’s photo, there’s seven of them. It’s been a slow week in some respects, and a hectic one in others. A family visit brought some sightseeing action, too. 1. zombie dog 2. & 3. ALL CAPS 4. travel planning 5. Künst 6. gidsyfied 7. words of wisdom