Campaign: Free Ryzom!

Ryzom, a sci-fi and fantasy MMORPG by the now-bankrupt company Nevrax, may survive its creators’ bankruptcy: A group of former Nevrax employees has started a campaign to buy the intellectual copyrights for Ryzom off the company’s leftovers and set the code free. A few years ago, this worked for the 3D graphics software Blender, which was also bought free by its community and is now freely available for anyone to tinker with.

While the donation counter on the Free Ryzom campaign website seems a little off-balance (either the counter is buggy at the moment, or there’s a lot of money flowing in as I’m typing), it just shows the great community support Ryzom has. (If you’d like to donate as well, you can do so here.)

Keep it up and good luck!

Link (Thanks, Henning!)

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