Monthnotes for Feb 2016

Writing this on my way to Helsinki to co-chair Interaction 16 – excited to be spending a week that’s all about interaction design with some fine folks indeed.

Was knocked out with a fever for a bit earlier this month, so had to shuffle some projects around and bounce some work to mid-March.

The month was a massive sprint with two big urgent projects (Interaction 16, Bosch ConnectedExperience) and a few (just slightly longer-term) important collaborations (The Good Home, ThingsCon global, Dearsouvenir). By the next monthnotes it’ll be down from extra crazy to the normal crazy, just the way I like it.

In self-directed stuff…

  • ThingsCon: ThingsCon Brussels is happening on Feb 29. A road trip to Shenzhen is going to happen this year too, we’re starting to plan the details. More satellites coming up, too, more news on that soon.
  • The Good Home. It’s getting serious as we’re getting ready for the Good Home’s first installment in April: Milan. For me this meant thinking a lot about how to incorporate our core values and manifesting them into prototypes, objects, interactions.
  • Dearsouvenir: Getting ready for issue 2. The theme? #TGIF!
  • Interaction 16 work weekend in Helsinki. All systems GO! Final sprint, by the time you read the next Monthnotes it’ll all be over.

In client work…

Bosch ConnectedExperience is coming up on March 8/9, a big project to build bridges between the corporate and startup/independent ends of the IoT ecosystem with a great line-up of international speakers. Good to see that the demand for this kind of exchange is there: The conference sold out last week.

Other ongoing projects include engagements with Google HQ and WoltersKluwer, and some more work in the making around IoT and policy.

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