Some administrative changes

Just a quick note for general transparency and the archives more than anything else: I’m making some administrative changes to my company and this website. Everything continues as it was before.

Concretely, I’m liquidating my GmbH, the company structure I’ve been using the last few years, and going back to being a freelancer — same I was before.

This is largely for boring administrative reasons: Mostly because the main reasons for having the GmbH don’t apply anymore (it was, more than anything, a vehicle to structure some administrational things like investing in other companies a little more gracefully, and I’m not doing that at a scale that it’s worth maintaining this additional structure). GmbHs create quite a bit of bureaucratic overhead, so I’m culling this part.

Everything else stays the same: I’ll be doing the same work I’ve been proudly and happily doing these last few years, literally from the same desk. The website, too, stays the same. (I’ve been using iterations of this site for over 15 years.) So: Everything on this blog written after this post once more won’t be in the name of my former GmbH, but from me as a freelancer.

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