The Declaration for a Better Berlin: I’m signing up for this.



Earlier today Alper posted his Declaration for a Better Berlin. We had chatted about this before, and I really like his initiative. As he is saying…

This particular city, Berlin, is doing better than it has in ages but is still in terrible shape. What it is sorely missing is the idea that it can be better and that we can make it so. To offer a start on that path I have drafted a list of ten points that should be improved. By now I’m sick of complaining and I imagine that I’m not the only one. I will be putting my weight and any weight I can borrow behind changing —initially— some of these things.

So what are his core demands/wishes? In short:

  1. World class bike paths
  2. Fiber to the home available everywhere.
  3. Better public space
  4. Fully digital government services
  5. Food independence
  6. Energy independence
  7. All government data and documents public
  8. A functioning hub airport
  9. Balanced property market
  10. Not a single sub quality school

I’ll do whatever I can to support this and make Berlin the best it can be. And I recommend you read the whole thing.

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