New office at Aufbauhaus84

As of a this month, my new HQ is at Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz (Berlin Kreuzberg).

Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz. Easy to find even straight from the subway station.

Not only is the building complex one with a rich, interesting history and a great concept (summary in English). The wing we (we as in Alper, Will and I) move into is also sparkling new and so our own space is up to speed on its architecture and functionalities: ceiling and floor heating and cooling, energy efficient LED lamps all ’round, phone cabins, meeting rooms, etc. In other words, a bit less of a temporary space, but rather something to use for a few years. We’ll be sharing with our friends Syspons, a consultancy for organizational change, strategy and evaluations.

Office under construction

Not a skate ramp, but phone booths separated off, and a dash of color from the noise-insulating carpet

And while we’re still setting up some of the basics (like our desks) and some more advanced stuff (like our coffee setup), it’s already great to see the energy that a new space brings, especially after a few months of a digital nomad lifestyle between temporary desks, home office, airport lounges and cafés.

The area is great – we’re across the street from Betahaus and Prinzessinnengarten, a lovely community garden & café:


And yes, we’re sharing a building with Modulor, too.

Located right on the U8 subway line as well as the M29 bus, it’s also super central. A few minutes take you North to Alexanderplatz or even up to some of the new hardware hubs (Factory, Voltastrasse), South into Neukölln, West into Mitte. And Oranienstrasse, the heart of Kreuzberg, with our various lunch options (and a pick me up from Companion Coffee) is still only a couple minutes on foot.

Next time you’re around, swing by. We’re at Aufbauhaus 84, 3rd floor.

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