Recent reading (7 links for August 27)



Occasionally I post a round-up of articles I found noteworthy. Since the plugin I usually use to generate these blog posts has ceased working, it’s been a while. So here’s a whole bunch of reading goodness.


  • Without the option of privacy, we are lost by David Meyer/Gigaom.
    Great read on the importance and nuances of privacy and the two aspects freedom of speech: the freedom to speak publicly to inform others, and privately to inform ourselves. (link)
  • Why 3D printing is set to explode in 2014
    With the patents on laser sintering running out in early 2014, we’re likely going to see 3D printing go to a whole new level. (Incidentally, Gartner puts 3D printing at the peak of expectations in their recent hype cycle.) (link)
  • The Hardware Tsunami Is Here. Know What It Takes To Build A Great Hardware Company.
    Top-level overview of what to pay attention to when building a hardware product. (link)
  • Considering a move to Berlin?
    Then these two posts might be helpful: Things They Don’t Tell You About Berlin by Katie Needs and the Guide for Moving to Berlin (2012). You’re welcome.
  • explained
    Interesting take on ambient audio as an interface choice, specifically for monitoring of background processes. Good stuff. (link)
  • The Psychological PRice of Entrepreneurship
    Very good text on the mental side of running your own business. Everybody with their own company will have been there at some point. Spoiler: The trick is to not define your feeling of self-worth through your work. (link)
  • Experimentation is the new planning
    FastCompany with some background on the logic, strategy and data of experimentation and corporate R&D. (A topic I’ve briefly touched upon in my recent T3N article, too.) (link)

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