Why I backed the Shoreditch Village Hall

There’s a huge, active & still-growing startup and tech scene in London’s Shoreditch area. But a scene is one thing, a community is yet another – and communities grow, among other things, around spaces.

I’m not based in London, but I’m there frequently, and usually try to spend some time meeting people and hanging out there. Mostly, this happens either in cafés that don’t mind laptop warriors (Look Mum, No Hands!), or I stay with friends who can offer me a desk for the day. The latter is particularly nice, but it also means imposing on friends.

That’s why I back the Shoreditch Village Hall on Kickstarter with at least a small amount: It’s going to be a true community space run by lovely and very capable people from the Shoreditch community, in fact the same who are also behind Shoreditch Works. A space both for Shoreditch and of Shoreditch, so to speak.

For me, it’s going to be something like a home-away-from-home during the days I spend in London, a place to meet old and new friends and a meeting place that doesn’t mean I have to impose on friends or hog a café table all day.

So if you’re based in London, or happen to be there regularly, or just like to help foster a strong community of smart and ambitious people, consider supporting the Shoreditch Village Hall.

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