Berlin couple share their pregnancy: RealBirthTV

RealBirthTV.comWhen I was pointed to RealBirthTV first a couple of days ago, I have to admit I didn’t know what to think. Over-sharing or a logical thing to do? RealBirthTV is Berlin-based couple Erik and Jodi, who share the journey of their pregnancy, starting a few days ago in their third month.

Today I met up with Erik and he told me a few bits and pieces, good fun. The idea is to really take the audience along and share the whole experience, and use the whole range of social media tools: Blog, video podcast, Flickr galleries, you can leave video messages for them via Trombiblog. Also, it’s a deeply, inherently human and very personal topic, so it should be great for an online community.

I haven’t heard of another project catering to this particular niche: totally long tail in a way, but then again, also totally mainstream. And as I said: This one I have a hard time making a clear judgement about. But one thing is certain, it’s a very ambitious & innovative* project, and I wish Erik & Jodi all the best. So I’m curious what you think about the project!

ps. Also, we agreed to a brief introduction of RealBirthTV on Expect it before the end of the week. (Full disclosure: I’m project managing

  • Update: innovative, I thought after posting this, isn’t the right term here. It’s more a logical next step, the application of a certain set of rules, mechanisms and ideas to a particular niche: Here, total transparency during pregnancy.

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