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Summer at Chan

Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


Berg Cloud Sandbox : A tool to unite connected devices and the companies that make them
Berg announced the Berg Cloud Sandbox, a platform meant to make it easier for companies to experiment with connected devices and services, and a cooperation with Fabrica. Should be interesting to watch this. – by Nathaniel Mott (link)  


Yahoo bought Tumblr. A quick roundup.
The New York Times report. | Tumblr’s official announcement of the deal. | Marissa Meyer’s announcement. | What former Tumblr engineer Marco Arment says about the culture at Tumblr..  


Airbnb Stay Illegal In New York, Rules Judge
New York judge finds Airbnb might be illegal – under some circumstances. Details still vague, but it’s fair to assume this will have ripple effects beyond the US. (link)  


Pebble Nabs $15M In Funding, Outs PebbleKit SDK And Pebble Sports API To Spur Smartwatch App Development
Pebble, the Kickstarter smart watch, has raised money to scale up production. If this means they get the SDK out more quickly and thus get more 3rd party apps out there (and quickly), this will make my Pebble a lot more useful. – by Matt Burns (link)  


Sketchbook: Dark Matter
Revisiting Dan Hill’s thoughts on Dark Matter, the institutional/undocumented/irrational/soft forces that slow down the distribution of innovation. – by Dan Hill (link)  


Why healthcare professionals can’t afford to ignore the potential of apps
Solid take on the state of health apps. – by Ashley Bolser (link)  


Software Out, Hardware Start-Ups In
A quick piece on hardware as the new software, etc etc. Barriers for hardware product development are coming down fast, so lots of movement to expect in the space. – by Cadie Thompson (link)  

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