Recent reading (4 links for April 19)

Skate The Web (tobias leingruber) at betahaus

Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


What cannot be 3D printed? Time to debunk some myths!
Is 3D printing on the peak of the hype cycle or in a quick race to the bottom of the trough of disillusionment? Either way, here are a few pointers on what’s actually possible and what isn’t. – by Jeremie Francois (link)  


You Lookin’ at Me? Reflections on Google Glass.
Good take on Google Glass: It’s not about the wearer, but about what Glass does to the wearer’s environment. – by Jan Chipchase, Executive Creative Director of Global Insights, Frog (link)  


What if a book could read you? (link)


Paris and the Data Mind
A classic on how collecting data changes our behavior and our perception of cities. Worth revisiting every now and then. – by Craig Mod (link)