Recent reading (6 links for April 9)

coat hanger

Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


No to NoUI
Timo Arnall makes the case for a not hiding interfaces, but making them evident – to empower users. (link)  


I’m Cory Doctorow, and This Is How I Work
I’m a sucker for other people’s work, tech and life setup. This is a good one. – by Tessa Miller (link)  


Apps für Verlage – drei aktuelle Beispiele der zweiten Generation
A nice, brief overview (in DE) of noteworthy, second gen publishing apps. (link)  


Tiny Celebrity Game Designers
Ace list of game designers, collected by Hide & Seek, makers of the Tiny Games project. (link)  


Stop working (so hard)
What’s the right amount of work? What’s the best way to work? This author says: less is more. – by Kyle Bragger (link)  


Ouya review: can an indie console take on Sony and Microsoft?
A scathing review of the Ouya game console. I haven’t received mine yet, but I certainly hope it’ll top this review. – by David Pierce (link)