10 photos.


Old school hip hop sunday



Looking forward to reading this

les miserables


More mailed goodness, this one from #openiot

Gorgeous new guides from herblester.com #win

There's a plane in that bar.

1. old school hip hop sunday 2. frames 3. input/output 4. Reading up on wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic 5. behind bars 6. The quite excellent Gipfelstürmer breakfast at Gipfeltreffen, Berlin 7. Alex kindly sent me some sticker goodness left over from the #openiot Assembly 8. A stack of the fantastic herblester city guides. 9. There’s half a plane in what I assume is a soon-to-be bar. 10. Just re-found and uploaded this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge thermometer. It shows the temperature based on how the bridge contracts or stretches.

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