10 photos.

Unleash the kraken!


It's still 2012, isn't it?


Teddy & co


keeping it real

Love kills



Now that I’ve abandoned my strict 10 photos per Sunday routine anyway, here are 10 from the last two weeks or so. Just didn’t get around to taking or posting any more than that.

1. Unleash the Kraken! Half a 3D printed kraken at Hive Berlin 2. Tor 3. IFA manages to produce ads that look like parodies of their ads. It’s the real deal, though. 4. fuck yeah, science! 5. Part of the Phactory Bar & a teddy with an Arduino up its bum, possessed by @lndlrd 6. Team Phactory Bar at Campusparty Europe 7. keepin’ it real 8. love kills 9. working from the ‘fox office for a day 10. chilling at the lake

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