10 photos.

Wall, sky

Dark wings, dark words


Half a staircase

Red cross

Labor für Entrepreneurship. I'm next.

Three giants

Full house #igniteberlin

There's an actual stage. #igniteberlin

Kumpir time!

Intense, long week that ends on a long weekend, courtesy a Monday bank holiday. Among things accomplished this week, there’s running an Ignite night as well as being interviewed at Prof. Faltin’s Labor für Entrepreneurship, as well as plenty of travel planning. Also, summer has officially arrived in town and I have to say: I’m liking it. So here are my 10 photos of the week: 1. Sunny Sunday 2. Dark wings, dark words. 3. Buoy, while riding a paddleboat 4. Half a stair case, Warschauer Straße 5. (Formerly) Red Cross 6. Labor für Entrepreneurship, just before my interview 7. The Three Giants (Drei Giganten), Berlin 8. What the Ignite Berlin crowd looked like from the stage 9. What the Ignite Berlin stage looked like. 10. There’s a new Kumpir place nearby, The Hungry Bear.

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