Four success factors for your organization’s blog

Christian Kreutz of GTZ (the German cooperation enterprise for technical international cooperation and development) has worked with blogs in his organization for several years. In a series of posts (“From A-Z to Organization 2.0”) he shares his experiences with blogging and lists a number of examples and success factors.

Besides the use cases for blogging (like project management, public relations or stakeholder management), I found it particularly interesting to see how he estimates and weighs the different success factors. He identifies four main factors:

  • Preparation: 30%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Engagement: 30%
  • Sustainability: 20% (“Do not underestimate the facilitation throughout the blog life span.”)

If you are struggling with your organization’s blog or are planning new blogging efforts you shouldn’t miss out on Christian’s post. Do you already run a successful corporate, non-profit or other organizational blog? Please share what you think of these factors!

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