Re:publica 08 #1

So far, I haven’t been able to blog about re:publica 08, Germany’s top blogger & social media conference. Not because it hasn’t been interesting – quite the contrary – but because I ended up chatting with a lot of cool folks. Which is, let’s face it, the main point about this kind of congregations. The conference feels a bit like a class reunion, the social web scene is a bit like a small family.

There’s a few things I found noteworthy and that I’d like to share.

First, if you’d like to follow the panels but can’t be in Berlin, there’s a pretty awesome video livestream by Hobnox.

Second, yesterday’s panel about Journalism vs Blogs sounded kind of yawn, but turned out great. The usual suspects were there: Thomas Knüwer, Mercedes Bunz, Stefan Niggemeier and Johnny Haeusler. Although they all pretty much are on the same side, the discussion got interesting, although of course there wasn’t any real opponent there. Good fun!

Third, was so nice to sponsor a neat blogger dinner, which was great fun and a good occasion to mingle and to get to know some cool folks. Thanks!

(I’m going to stop numbering my points. Like, now.)

Harvard’s Viktor Mayer-Schönberger gave a talk reminding the audience how important it is for the internet to not just remember, but also to forget. A slow, but very concise talk, a presentation in Lawrence Lessig’s famous minimalistic black and white style, and some great points.

Today, on day two, I’ll be in the panels on PirateBay (which is where I’m sitting right now, typing), as well as Tom Steinberg’s panel on MySociety, as well as the Net Advocacy panel later on.

If you’re around, make sure to say hi!

Also, coordination here works best via Twitter, so feel free to follow me here, I’ll follow you back.

Also, here I’d like to recommend links, blogs and what else I stumbled upon. This list will be updated when new stuff comes up: (German blog about law and Web 2.0),

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