Web 2.0 Summit 08 shares web 2.0 lessons learned with the public

Web 2.0 SummitThis year’s Web 2.0 Summit is a who is who of the internets. What I find particularly cool is this year’s theme: Sustaining, applying and expanding the web’s lessons. The summit won’t be just an insiders’ game, but instead aims at spreading the love knowledge with the less focused, more mainstream crowds.

This is really important. Something I see on a daily basis (both in my work as a consultant and as the private favorite geek for friends and family) is that there’s quite a disconnect between those who work for the Internets and those who just use it for day to day stuff.

The two groups are, roughly, those of us who meet up regularly at conferences, Barcamps and web mondays, i.e. the inner circle of usual suspects, the web family, are on one side, checking out and breaking every new service, every closed alpha or beta, tweaking and hacking and mashing upstuff, are one side of the medal. The rest, those out there who use hotmail or t-online for email, the wide public, has (understandably) not the time, nor the nerves to deal with all those buggy new gadgets and widgets and services and whatnot.

To bridge that gap and to share the lessons learned, is part of our responsibility as early adopters, I think. And it’s easy, too. (Your task for the day: Explain one useful web 2.0 tool to a close friend or family member, and how it will give them a real value. Deal?)

Web 2.0 Summit 08 will do just that, but on a huge scale. It’s some of the brightest, most well-connected folks on the web, and they’ll share what they know. Here’s the speaker list. It’ll be grand.

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