Workshop: Social Media in Higher Education

Next Tuesday, I’ll have the great chance to hold a workshop at UOC, Barcelona, on Social Media in Higher Education. UOC is a virtual university with students all over the world, so they’re very web-savvy to begin with. I’m very curious about their feedback on my two cents on Web 2.0 and social media. Also, I’d love to hear what you think about the presentation!

Thanks to the awesome folks at UOC who made this possible and have been giving me valuable feedback: Josep Maria Duart, Carlos Albaladejo and Ismael Peña-López , as well to Max Senges for introducing us.

Disclosure: A while ago, I’ve co-written a book on Second Life for UOC with Max Senges and Thomas Praus.

Update: Thanks also for the feedback regarding typos and slide structure to Tim Bonnemann, Jenna, Puja and meowmix. I included your suggestions and updated the files on Slideshare, even though right now it seems like Slideshare hasn’t updated the embed above. Here’s an up-to-date PDF-Version: Social Media for higher education (PDF).


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