Great guide by J-Lab: Journalism 2.0 – How to Survive and Thrive

J-Lab: Journalism 2.0 - How to Survive and ThriveUniversity of Maryland’s J-Lab and the Knight Citizen News Network, who both focus on interactive journalism, have released a great hands-on guide: Journalism 2.0 – How to Survive and Thrive (Full PDF version here, print version available here).

There’s quite a bit material on this topic out there already, of course, but this report is really pretty good as it gives great hands-on advice, from the basics (What’s Web 2.0), to How To Blog, to How to Report News for the Web, to hints on which audio equipment to use for podcasting, to Basic Video Editing. It’s all neatly wrapped up in 11 chapters. (Table of Contents)

For those new to the field and for journalists who want to make the jump, this report (shall we call it a book, rather?) should be an excellent starting point. The same goes for those who’d like to record their first podcasts or videocasts. But since the book covers such a wide array of topics, there’s also a few nuggets in there for the more experienced. Great stuff!

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Thanks, Peter. We appreciate the flattering review. You hit the nail on the head: this is specifically aimed at the working journalist ready to make the jump to digital.

Happy leaping!

  • Mark Briggs

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