Reviews on Twitter: 140 Characters Are Enough

On Twitter, a lot of hints are swapped. Among those, there’s a lot of gossip about what products to use, what services to avoid. Just your usual stuff: You meet friends, you share your stories. Word of mouth.

The limit of 140 characters per Twitter post doesn’t seem to do any damage to this kind of word of mouth. Quite the contrary: You get these amazing, to-the-point, distilled 140 character reviews. There’s no way you can get some educated opinions on services any faster than this. If you ask me, it’s an art form in the making.

My posting that got it started for me (and that isn’t very arty at all):

checking out Netvibes for HipHop. (Great how specialized it is, but very cluttered. Less is more, guys!)

But there are so many more (and better) reviews out there already, and it’s growing steadily. Within hardly three minutes, Loolou was the first to respond to my Twitter message regarding short reviews: could be a great travelling tool. It’s not. I hate it. No need for hackers to bomb it, they do it themselves !

What’s your favorite 140 character review? Please share in the comments or on Twitter (add me).