ArchiveOctober 2005

on the move


any experience, hints or ideas on how best to move a weblog? i’m considering to go to another weblog provider. twoday’s templates seem pretty restrictive in a way. but most importantly, i can’t seem to get flickr to post directly to twoday, and it’s quite a pain to copy and paste back and forth image-URLs all the time.

as i’m planning a bit of a longer trip soon, i’d like to stay connected along the way – despite the probably more-than-slow internet connections available there. having several browser windows might simply not be an option in some of the places, so in order to post what i’d like to post, a really integrated solution is needed. so-hyper-uber-connected it makes you wanna puke. at least.

at the moment i’m looking at (maybe with the weblog hosted at my own server instead of theirs). other recommendations? and how can you get all the posts from one place to the other?

update 1: shame on me: actually has a very decent export feature. seems like can’t import, though.

update 2: when it comes to picking the new software/provider, the top priority features are: quick and easy start (don’t wanna spend days fiddling around with code and getting familiar with the code language); flickr-compatible; flexible templates;