The Big Spam

Spam, by flickr user 'brettsky'

Looks like brettsky has caught out the spammers red-handed. I love those Big Things. This one is located in the U.S., but Australia also has a long tradition of setting up Big Things, partly for tourists, partly for fun. (Some even say, partly for being whacky.) Some of them are pretty sophisticated: There’s the Big Pineapple, the Big Merino, the Big Lobster and the Big Murray Cod. But there’s also less shiny items, like the Big Potato. To get in the right mind-set to really appreciate that kind of tourist attraction, one has to imagine having driven for about 12 hours straight on a highway, seeing about one car per half-hour. Most of them are located pretty far out. Personally, I think the Big Things are just so Australian. I love ’em.

There’s quite a few Big Things on flickr.