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A Brief History Of Remixing The World


Just re-found an old text from etcon2005 by Cory Doctorow: Rules for Remixing. Sample:

Remix your network:

* Apple untethered the laptop

* Commodity hardware made it cheap

* WiFi hackers untethered everything else: cons, hotel rooms, coffee
shops, corners

* Hotspots spring up like dandelions

* Intel brands WiFi

* Apple Airport Express untethers the base-station: just plug it in
and wait for the light to turn green

[Rules for Remixing the Web, your Music, your TV, your network, your movies, your data, your text, syndication, your bookshelf, it, the browser &brick and mortar,] turns more social


As of today, there’s more “us” in

Today, beefed up their social networking features. I now have a Network page that shows all of the links from other users that I have decided to track and I can easily share links as I am posting to people within my network. I can add any user to my network with a single-click. …
By making it easier to build a network on the site … will get more data on who is tracking whom. There’s a lot that can be done with this information. Some things that come to mind include: your network’s most popular links/tags (kind of your own private Hotlinks), users who should be in your network (based on your network’s opinion), and most influential user in a tag space.
O’Reilly Radar’ new features.

And here’s what the official blog says:

Today the “inbox” feature lets you subscribe to other users’ bookmarks, but most people don’t know about it and it’s not terribly easy to use in your everyday life.

To make sharing easier, we’ve just released a new feature called “your network”. You can add other users to your network either by visiting their pages or from the your network page itself. Once someone is in your network, you can keep track of their latest saved public bookmarks.

[via O’Reilly Radar]

Tag that URL


Tag that URL

It’s really blurry (taken from the subway). But what the huge graffiti tag says isn’t some message. Nope, it’s a URL! Like “Hey guys, I have something to tell you, but I’m not sure I’ll get it right the first time, and it’s such a long message. So why don’t you just check it out on my homepage?” Odd.

ps. This had better not be an attempt to start a viral campaign. The URL doesn’t even seem to work. Oh boy.