WordPress & blip.tv

Ok, I admit it: WordPress & blip.tv are driving me crazy.

Nope, that didn’t come out just right. Something the way WordPress is parsing embedded code snippets like the one YouTube, Revver and blip.tv use keeps cutting out essential parts of the code. So every time I re-open any of the postings, the whole posting gets dumped. Frrrrustrating. Until I have figured out a solution for the video snippets of Larry Lessig’s talk, please bear with me (and manually click on the links in the posts themselves.)

Any ideas, or even better, open source video-sharing platforms without that kind of trouble?

Update: Just got email from blip.tv & their hints made it all work fine. Thanks, Mike!


Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot! I did edit in the HTML editor you can access from within the rich text editor and forgot that I have to switch it off for good. Works perfect now, and while I was poking around blip.tv I realized for the first time that blip can play OGGs, too. Brilliant!

It’s awesome that you actually keep track of what’s being said about you out there – good job! It’s great to see that you guys really go out of your way to make everything as great as possible. Big props to all of you!

Cheers, Peter