highjacking a skynews interview

This SkyNews snippet about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon is worth watching for just about anyone interested in news and how they are made. George Galloway (supposedly some British MP) just beats the crap out of the SkyNews anchor. (What’s her name anyway? Anna Botting?) Galloway is behaving extremely rude and unfair, calling her a “stupid person”, among other things. Also, he keeps yelling and interrupting her. She doesn’t stand a chance, though, trying to keep calm and letting him finish his sentences. You can learn a lot about how not to deal with an annoying interview partner who’s trying to highjack your news show. (Also, though he’s extremely populistic, rhethorically unfair, and more than slightly wrong in his comparisons – not to mention his facts – one has to give him credit for bashing the Murdoch media empire SkyNews is news of.) Anyway, it’s already a few days old but hilarious to watch.

Link (via shesaiddestroy.org)

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By misbehaving in such a rude way is not doing your subject any favour. If you want political success in convincing people with arguments you cannot neglect good manners of communication.

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