“Lady Vengeance” arrives in German movie theaters – at last

Tomorrow, Chan-wook Park‘s movie “Lady Vengeance” arrives in German movie theaters – at last: Sadly, it took about 1,5 years for the South Korean movie to be shown in Germany, making this country the last to air it world-wide. Lady Vengeance is the last movie of the Vengeance Trilogy. The first two movies, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) and Old Boy (2003) have become somewhat classics: Lady Vengeance stays true to their style, but it’s very calm, almost too calm to bear, with a great Yeong-ae Lee as the main cast in the main cast, playing a young and gentle woman who is imprisoned for 13 years for murder that she hasn’t committed. All the while, she seems to stay so nice and polite, one cannot resist but to forgive her and even feel compassionate while she takes revenge for the injustice she had to suffer – killing one person after the other – all the while keeping up her good spirits. It really get you into a weird mind set. If you liked Old Boy, you’ll definitively appreciate Lady Vengeance. (Here’s the trailer.)

What’s really sad to see, though, is that it took nearly 18 months for the movie to be officially released over here. How can anyone expect consumers to wait for a movie for 1,5 years (Chan-wook Park has finished two movies since and is working on a third right now!) instead of finding other ways to see their films? I was lucky, I got to see a press screening. But event hat was just a few weeks ago. Why not release all movies simultaneously world-wide? Why should we, the consumers, care about release windows?