New company name is live: The Waving Cat GmbH


As of yesterday, my company has a new name: The Waving Cat GmbH. In many ways, this name is like a homecoming for me given that I have been using this handle online for ages (10 years or so?). Until a real site is up, my work/company info lives on this domain under /work while the rest of the site stays my personal online presence for now.

So as of now, The Waving Cat is the official umbrella and home of most of my business activities – both the consulting and the conference part. If you would like to work with me, please ping me under the contact details found at


ps. Just a quick word on the background of this renaming – you may have noticed that I haven’t had a company website for a while. For fundamentally not very interesting legal reasons, I wasn’t able to continue using my former company name any longer, and hence just changed the name. Throughout the whole time the company itself was of course fully operational, so while renaming is an annoying waste of bandwidth, it is otherwise a fairly harmless process to go through. As of this week, the new name is officially registered.



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