Hello World: Dearsouvenir GmbH

Dearsouvenir: Out now!
After Dearsouvenir issue #1 it was time to take it to the next level.

As of last week it’s official: We’ve set up Dearsouvenir as its own company.

Dearsouvenir is a digital travel magazine. Published 4x a year we cover destinations around the globe and all aspects of enjoyable, conscious travel. What sets Dearsouvenir apart is that everything is told through the stories behind souvenirs.

So it has a very strong focus on local stories and the people behind lovely souvenirs. It’s about making souvenirs personal. Finding a meaningful reminder of this trip for yourself or your loved ones.

Wolfgang and I had been working on various variations of this for a few years, and when we met the fantastic folks of Carry-On Publishing – Thea, Toni & Alex – we knew that a magazine would be the perfect manifestation for all of these ideas.

The first issue of Dearsouvenir came out end of last year: Search for Dearsouvenir Mag in your app store of choice, it’s available in full on both iOS and Android as well as in English and German. (Yes, all the almost 300 pages of it.)

Dearsouvenir - making it official
Making it official.

To take it to the next level, we had to take this collaboration to the next level, so we made it official: Last week we went to the notary to sign the paperwork for setting up Dearsouvenir GmbH as a company in its own right. It’s a joint venture of Carry-On Publishing, Netzpiloten and The Waving Cat.

The next issue is going to launch within the next few weeks and focuses on weekend trips. It’s titled #TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) and going to be a blast.


For updates, keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram and our (soon to relaunch) website.