Monthnotes for March 2017

As spring time breathes fresh life into Berlin, month was a productive month of heads-down writing time. Also, in March the company turned 3!

IoT labels
Lots and lots of conversations around security and labels for IoT everywhere I go at the moment! Well, to be fair we’ve been working on something in that space so my radar might just be very fine-tuned to that particular topic. As we’ve been preparing for the official public kickoff of that aforementioned project I’ve been doing some research. This quickly turned from a little reading into a brief 2-pager, then into something of yet-unspecified depth and volume. Keep an eye on this space, I hope we have announcements soon.

There has been a flurry of ThingsCon activities this month. There’s more in the pipeline, too!

We had simultaneous ThingsCon Salons in Berlin and Amsterdam. The Berlin presentations are up (YouTube playlist). Iskander also hosted a ThingsCon session at SxSW, which led to Stacey Higginbotham’s shoutout to the IoT Design Manifest on IoT Podcast #103 (around the 17:20 mark).

Next up in the coming weeks are Milan, Cologne, and Shenzhen. Also, freshly coming online is a Copenhagen chapter! As always, an up-to-date overview at

Responsible IoT & Shenzhen
As part of our combined excursion-plus-ThingsCon event to Shenzhen, I’ve been doing a lot of writing. Based on our last research trip to Shenzhen in November and in preparation of the upcoming one in April we wanted to have a proper longform text to share. Not so much documentation of the trip (videos and shorter blog posts work better for that) but rather the big picture: Why go to Shenzhen when exploring responsible IoT? What can European independent IoT practitioners bring to the proverbial table? What opportunities do we see to leverage the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem for our mission of fostering the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT? The current first rough draft clocks in at some 12.000 words, and the trip hasn’t started yet. I hope and think it’s going to be good and useful.

More responsible Internet of Things
This isn’t quite ready for prime time, so I’ll keep it short and necessarily a little vague: We’re working on a ThingsCon publication around the state of responsible IoT. Because reflection & taking stock is as important as is pushing forward.

Zephyr Berlin
We had a try-on party for Zephyr Berlin. It was lovely! We also relaunched our online shop. The first few sizes are sold out, so now it’s a matter of quickly grabbing the last few pairs if you’re after one.

Writing & media
A quick overview of some of my written output this month:

What’s on the horizon?
Trips to Asia and within Europe. Lots and lots of writing. ThingsCon events around the world, plus a publication.

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