Recent reading (6 links for May 6)


Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet
I’m not usually a fan of journalist self-test “I’ll disconnect for X days/weeks/months” articles. This one at least is quite brutally honest in that it states (spoiler alert!) that nothing really changes except that you drop out of your social obligations. – by Paul Miller (link)  


Can You Live Without Google?
What happens if your Google account gets locked down? Super relevant question, particularly since Google hasn’t managed (or cared?) to build the infrastructure to “appeal” wrongful lockdowns. If your account is locked, you’re screwed in oh so many ways. – by Tienlon Ho (link)  


The Rise of the Supertemp
A quite old article on those who work outside employment, but in the top income bracket. Elite temp workers, really. Interesting aspect of the job market and something I’m convinced we’ll see more and more. – by Jody Greenstone Miller, Matt Miller (link)  


The myth of the eight-hour sleep
Always interested in sleep hacking. Here’s a new-slash-historic look at sleep rhythms. – by Stephanie Hegarty (link)  


The $12 “Gongkai” mobile phone
“$12 is the price paid for a single quantity retail, contract-free, non-promotional, unlocked phone… In other words, the production cost of this phone is somewhere below the retail price of $12. Rumors place it below $10.” > A whole place dedicated to either crapjects or tools of empowerment – the lines are blurry. – by Bruce Sterling (link)  


Trying Google Glass
Another report of using Google Glass, this one by cyber anthropologist Amber Case. – by Amber Case (link)  


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