Recent reading (10 links for June 14)



Irregularly, I post noteworthy articles I recently read. Enjoy!


WTF Is Waze And Why Did Google Just Pay A Billion+ For It?
Google spent a small fortune on Waze. Here’s a pretty thorough analysis of why buying the mapping & real time traffic monitoring startup makes a lot of sense for Google. – by RIP EMPSON (link)  


EU to end mobile roaming charges next year
If this proposal goes through (which I really, really hope), the EU will forever go down in history as the institution that got rif of the ridiculous nastiness that is roaming charges. We’ll all profit a great deal from it. – by Christopher Williams, Technology, Media and Telecoms Editor (link)  


My Own Fellowship YearShare This
Code for America founder Jen Pahlka will serve as Deputy CTO for the US Government for a year. Congrats, Jen! – by Jennifer Pahlka (link)  


The Avatar Will See You Now
Avatars and other algorithmically supported diagnostics & consulting services are on the rise, both in lifestyle/fitness contexts and in medical use. – by Jessica Leber (link)  


Penguin takes children’s fiction to Google+ with Storytime Hangout app
Kids’ books seem perfect for complementary interactive features. Here’s one, by Penguin. – by Stuart Dredge (link)  


Behind Twitter’s Savvy Embrace of TV
How Twitter woos TV, and does it well. – by Josh Sternberg (link)  


Are new ultra-cheap 3D printers revolutionary or just toys?
Some thoughts on the state of affairs in home 3D printer land. – by Christopher Mims (link) and a very down-to-earth use case for industrial/architectural scale 3D printing (link)  


The Invisible Acme Cheap Nike Shoes
A grand example of (if I’m not entirely, completely, shamefully mistaken) algorithmically generated fashion shopping spam. Pure poetry! (link)  


Hardware startups
A piece on hardware startups, the how’s and why’s. (link)  


In San Francisco, a House with Its Own Twitter Feed
A few weeks back, Tom’s house’s twitter feed got a prominent feature in TR. Neat! – by Rachel Metz (link)  

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