Undercurrent’s 11 Day Types

Our friends at Undercurrent have done some serious pattern recognition – to help plan and structure their own days. Analyzing how the teams spent their days, they narrowed it down to 11 Ways To Organize A Day:

Undercurrent: 11 Day Types
Image: 11 Day Types by Undercurrent, Creative Commons (by-nc-sa). Click for larger view.

For each day type, we established priorities or primary activities to shape the day’s rhythm, mentality, and anatomy. (…)
Deciding in advance how you’re going to spend your time becomes a straightforward process of selecting one of the 11 day types and then molding your day around accomplishing these few pre-selected priorities. Essentially, you’re selecting the kind of cuisine you’re going to cook and then choosing the perfect recipe.

This is excellent stuff as it’s not just interesting but actually can help you get better through your day. I’ll definitively try and see how that system works for me. This kind of theoretical analysis can be super helpful, and I’ll try to do it more not just for our client work over at Third Wave, but also internally.

But now if you would excuse me – I have to decide what kind of day I’m planning on having tomorrow.