Our company name: Third Wave

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

We thought long and hard about a name for our new company, and I think we found a good one – it certainly resonates with us, if that’s any indicator. The name is “Third Wave“. Why that name?

Third Wave

In coffee culture, Third Wave is the philosophy that says the very best coffee comes from focusing on simplicity, best ingredients and letting the coffee speak for itself.

We at Third Wave believe that great coffee and digital strategy have a lot in common. A good strategy is as pure as possible, based on in-depth knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. And in the end it should spark great conversations, just like coffee.

That is why we work closely with you to develop strategies for digital communication and beyond, provide trend scouting and research, and create inspirational events.

There are a number of other things referred to as “third wave” (Wikipedia). Our inspiration, though, was clearly third wave coffee, as it’s celebrated in spectacularly good coffee shops like Bonanza’s.

It’ll be a few weeks before we launch our website. Feel free to talk to any of us directly, though, if you’d like to work with us or bounce some ideas. You’ll find our email addresses on the temporary website or you can just ping me directly.

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