Third Wave: We Can Has Website!

Third Wave - digital strategy consultancy

A screenshot of our freshly launched website ( Thanks and big props to Yourneighbours for the design and Fabian Mürmann for the development!

It’s official: We just launched the website for our company. As is usual, work kind of got in the way of launching earlier, but we wanted to get it really right before launching something half-finished. So, some four months after we got to work for our clients we now have a website, and it turns out to be quite the beauty I think – thanks to our friends and neighbors Yourneighbours (design) and Fabian Mürmann (development)!

Judging by the attention from design blogs the site has gotten already, it seems like we’re on to something there. (Yay!)

So what is it all about? You’ll find important announcements (highlighted blog posts) on top. At the time I’m writing this it shows the very first highlighted post, a quote by William Gibson. The photograph, believe it or not, shows Mr Gibson at very young age. Yes, we’re that nerdy. And I love it.

Below, there are two blogposts (sticky), then a line of brief background info about what we do as well as some links to learn more about us. This is followed by another four blog posts (chronological), a cute bird announcing our most recent company tweet as well as the search form and (if you’re into that kind of thing) a newsletter registration form.

We try to keep the site as simple as possible and evolve it from here.

It’s official: our company has a home now. Like.

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