PCD Music Lounge: 3D chat + virtual world

PussyCatDolls chat

There’s a first sneak-a-peek preview of what you could call a chat room. But as it seems, it’s one of the most over-powered chat rooms I’ve seen: It’s 3D, or so it seems, you can jump and do all kinds of stuff. Looks a bit sophisticated for a fansite of a band like the PussyCatDolls, non?

Seems worth checking out, though – in case you could just get a copy for your own server to use it for online meetings.

The client is about 19MB, from the screenshots it looks like it’s plastered with band ads and stuff, so it’s probably gonna include a shop, streamed videos and music etc. Apart from that, the usual stuff like buddy lists (“doesn’t fully work yet”) etc. There’s also a World Map, though, so maybe it’s even bigger than expected. Maybe this is just a test balloon for Universal Music to roll out some big-ass virtual promo world spanning and inter-connecting all Universal bands??

(My secret favorite feature so far: the F11 button: “F11 – ROTFL animation”.)

The PCD Lounge.

[via Wonderland]

Update: This is definitively a pretty big project. The PDC Lounge has launched beta about 3 weeks back. It’s all still pretty buggy (the permanent streaming sound for example won’t always restart when you switch it back on, but you learn the work-arounds pretty quick in-game.) The whole system is massively integrated with merch shops and all. So far, a bunch of the avatars still are computer-animated, i.e. pretty dumb. Also, it’s a bit graphic intense for a chat. Then again, in which chat did you need to run and jump before? They have a CommunityGuy, though, and he seems to know people pretty well. So they definitively have the rules for the developing communities pat down, that’s for sure. Nothing I’d personally get hooked to, but then again I’m not exactly the target audience anyway. Looks interesting for sure.

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