View Source II: ThingsCon goes Shenzhen (Part II)

Outside HuaqiangBei market, the street looks like a regular retail zone. But inside, it’s unlike any market you’ve ever seen.

TL;DR: Read all notes from our recent, second Shenzhen trip—I’d recommend to start at the beginning.

Last fall, we gathered a small group for an expedition to Shenzhen, China: The Silicon Valley of hardware, where most connected products are produced. We named the trip View Source: Shenzhen (click to read all related posts to that former trip; link to the current one below). It was our way to understand better how this incredible hardware ecosystem works, and how indie IoT makers and entrepreneurs can interface with it.

One of many interviews with designers and manufacturers in Shenzhen

In April 2017 we went back to Shenzhen, with a larger delegation: Code name View Source II. There we also held the first ThingsCon Shenzhen event.

Kicking off ThingsCon Shenzhen with the ThingsCon mantra

We’ll have a “proper” write-up later. For now, I’m happy to share my quick & dirty personal travel notes over on my personal blog. Read all View Source II posts—I’d recommend to start at the beginning.

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