Photos of our #paperwear workshop at London’s V&A

On Friday, the Connected team – Alex, Ana and I – were invited to run a workshop at London’s prestigious V&A museum as part of their Friday Late series. Needless to say I was thrilled – but more importantly, we’re all super happy with the results and feedback.



Being at a place as prestigious and as lovely as the V&A is fun in and of itself – but engaging there in an interactive workshop – and a discussion – about the future of technology and our relationship with wearable tech in particular is a whole different level. (More over on the Connected site.)

We have two sets of photos – a professional one as well as my own snapshops – and here are some impressions:


Poster for our workshop.

The reason we were at the V&A.

Setting up the workshop.

The calm before the storm.


Click here to see all the photos.

Setting up.

prototype: The You Have Email wristband, riffing on Merlin Mann’s most excellent Wearable Prototype.

prototype: The Do Not Share wristband.

designers at work.

prototype: A hat with supply bubbles of oxygen and high-calory food for high altitude hiking.

prototype: A globe-shaped video conferencing ring.

Discussing designs.

designers hard at work.

designers at work.

prototype: The Idea Projector

The stately entrance to the V&A.


For photo references, please click through to Flickr.

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