That was ThingsConAMS


Last weekend, ThingsCon came to Amsterdam as ThingsConAMS on the occasion of info.nl’s 20th anniversary, and what fun it was. The info.nl team around Iskander Smit and Monique van Dusseldorp pulled off a great line-up of speakers – incl. Alper Çu?un, Brendan Dawes, Aduén Darriba, Theo Gevers, Elisa Giaccardi, Rafi Haladjian, Antoine Hogenboom, Ianus Keller, Raimo van der Klein, Rob van Kranenburg, Jeroen Langendam, Martin van Rijn, Koen Schellekens, Marcel Schouwenaar, Scott Smith, Freek van ‘t Ooster, Amin Zayani, Omar Tegel and many more – and an all-round energetic, inspiring event. (For more photos, see this Flickr set.)

A big thank you to Monique and Iskander as well as supporters info.nl and click.nl.

My mini keynote slides are on Slideshare.

For ThingsCon, this first local satellite event was an important experiment. We’d love to grow the ThingsCon network into a truly global family.

New issue of Connected is out today!


Connected 2 Cover

We just published a second issue of our (roughly) semi-annual printed magazine Connected.

In this issue of Connected, we focus on a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT): Wearables. Between fitness trackers, health devices and smart watches, there is a lot happening in the space that warrants a closer look at the devices, services and players, as well as at the larger implications on our lives and the industry.

This printed 16-page newspaper features contributions by Josh Clark, Neil Clavin, Gwen Elliot, Raph Crouan, Liza Kindred, Adrian McEwen, Mark Simpkins, Scott Smith, Ashley Tyler, as well as Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Ana Bradley and Peter Bihr. It was designed by Tristam Sparks.

You can order your copies here.

Photos of our #paperwear workshop at London’s V&A


On Friday, the Connected team – Alex, Ana and I – were invited to run a workshop at London’s prestigious V&A museum as part of their Friday Late series. Needless to say I was thrilled – but more importantly, we’re all super happy with the results and feedback.



Being at a place as prestigious and as lovely as the V&A is fun in and of itself – but engaging there in an interactive workshop – and a discussion – about the future of technology and our relationship with wearable tech in particular is a whole different level. (More over on the Connected site.)

We have two sets of photos – a professional one as well as my own snapshops – and here are some impressions:


Poster for our workshop.

The reason we were at the V&A.

Setting up the workshop.

The calm before the storm.


Click here to see all the photos. (more…)

Exciting current wearable projects


For future reference, a few current wearables projects and products I find particularly interesting, in no particular order:

  • Urban Armor is a collection of DIY wearable electronics that help women exercise control over their personal/public space. urbanarmor.org
  • Ringly is a line of connected rings that let you put your phone away and your mind at ease. It connects to your phone and sends you customized notifications through vibration and light. ringly.com
  • Moto360, Motorola’s Android-based smart watch, announced to be released this summer, is on the corporate end of the consumer gadget scale, but it’s ambitious and really nice looking, at least judging by the current renderings. Without a long-term commitment (let’s say 5+ years) that the software will be maintained and updated, smart watches are a slightly silly investment though.moto360.motorola.com
  • x.pose is a wearable data-driven sculpture that exposes a person’s skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing. Personally I’d prefer it didn’t try to be lingerie-ish but rather, dunno, a face mask or so, but it’s an interesting concept. xc-cd.com
  • wearui.co is a database of wearable UI concepts. wearui.co
  • The Dash, a wireless in-ear headphone set that also tracks vital signs, is Bragi’s first product. It’s very ambitious in scope and also one of the most successful Kickstarters from Europe. Bragi.com

Meet the speakers for ThingsCon


What do all these people have in common?


Adam Scheuring

Alasdair Allan

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Anders Guldahl

Bethany Koby

Boris Anthony

Brady Forrest

Emily Brooke

Gawin Dapper

Gerrit Niezen

Hannes Jentsch

Jessi Baker

Louisa Heinrich

Marcel Schouwenaar

Markus Andrezak

Martin Jordan

Martin Spindler

Matt Biddulph

Matt Webb

Miquel Ballester

Nikolaj Hviid

Norbert Haller

Olivier Mével

Peter Troxler

Rachel Rayns

Reto Wettach

Ron Evans

Ronen Kadushin

Sami Niemelä

Siert Wijnia

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Usman Haque

Zach Supalla


That’s right, they are all leading experts in their field, they are all amazing, inspiring people, and they are all speakers at ThingsCon.


Frankly I can hardly believe we managed to get this kick-ass group together. Can’t wait for the event.


So what are you waiting for – if you haven’t yet, sign up right now to join the fun.