kicking back to recharge

It was a short week after a series of pretty long ones. Over the last few weeks, I was in a bit of an event marathon with Republica (only attending), Next (curating) and Digitale Selbstvermessung (co-organizung), all kind or part, but also kind of on top of regular work. With Ignite Berlin there’s one more event on 23 May (next Wednesday!), then conference season is over for me.

So, short week this week as Thursday was a public holiday and I took Friday off to make up for a couple of non-break weekends. In fact, I’m writing this on the train back from the North Sea where Michelle and I spent a couple of days with my family to clear our minds. Nothing beats the cold wind and salty air up there to take my mind off the day-to-day and instead switch to a deep, relaxed calm.

Nothing relaxes me like time spent with folks I love, to socialize with friends or family. If they happen to be disconnected from the internet world, not a problem. It’s the social interactions that include no pitching, no posing, no representing that really does the trick for me. (On the other hand, putting myself in front of a TV will usually do nothing for me but put me on edge.) Even the network service up there is so patchy that basically I felt disconnected half the time. So here I was, up on Sylt where my family used to take me for summer vacations, with some family and with M., meandering between walks out in the sun, chats, and fantastic meals.

It’s just about the right thing to give the subconscious some time to digest all the input of those last few weeks and all the conversations I’ve had.

Now come to think of it, after a brief break of two weeks or so there’s two more things coming up. In early June, I’ll be headed to San Francisco for Foo Camp and back via London for OpenIOT. So maybe conference season isn’t over quite yet.

By now I have the bandwidth again to process new input and I can’t wait.

ps. Ping me if you’d like to meet up in San Francisco after Foo (June 11-14 or so).

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