They’ll always pay premium for the traditional experience

charles de gaulle airport 2

It’s the year 2054. Teleportation is taking over as mainstream means of long-distance travel. Yet, not all airlines have died just yet. In fact, an airline executives is quoted in today’s newscast saying: “I’m convinced that there is inherent value in traditional air travel. Customers don’t just want to get from point A to point B. They will always pay premium for the delicate slowness of traditional flights. Teleportation just doesn’t give you the feeling of going anywhere, you just don’t get to appreciate the distance you’ve bridged. Also, travelers really want to eat during transportation, and value the down time that comes with the no phone & no wifi zones on the plane. Teleportation doesn’t give you any of this. This isn’t going away.”

This is exactly what today’s publishing executives’ statements feel like. Also, many other industries’ statements, too. Just saying. So everybody please do yourselves a favor and stop lying to yourself and start embracing the new world out there. Kkthxbai.

Image: charles de gaulle airport 6 / the waving cat / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0