My Conference Wishlist 2010

sofa at reboot11 A scene from reboot11. I never really met the concentrated-looking person on this super-comfy sofa, but I have fond memories of the conference. (Which felt rather like a festival anyway.)

Over the last few years I attended a whole lot of conferences. Which was great fun (I mean it!), but one of my resolutions for 2010 is: go only to good conferences. do go to the good conferences. and as a reminder to myself, and also as a wishlist, here’s the events I’d like to attend this year (in kind-of-chronological order):

  • Social Media Week Berlin (1-5 Feb). It’s a great topic, and a bunch of friends and colleagues are organizing the Berlin part of the global Social Media Week, so it’s bound to be cool.
  • Republica 2010 (14-16 April). It rocks, it’s in Berlin, and I just like it. One of the best ways to meet all the social media folks and bloggers in one spot.
  • SXSW (12-16 March), at last. I’ve wanted to go for a while now, but it never worked out. Until now, so: yeeeah!
  • reboot12 (June-ish). I’m hearing it’s not happening this year. Just like most of the last 11 years. It was a blast last year, and no one should miss it. I’ll certainly try not to.
  • Picnic (22-24 Sept). A big “definitively love to” on this one. Haven’t been, but wouldn’t hesitate a sec. Only it’s still a long time away, so who knows.
  • Barcamps. Not sure which ones, but I certainly hope I can attend a few. Best place to discuss web things peer to peer over coffee or drinks, and to meet the nicest folks ever. Both aspects seem to be wired into the format.
  • atoms&bits, if there is a round two, since I co-organized the first one and had a great time doing that, so how could I miss the second installment?

The list is slightly longer than I hoped it would be. Then again, it’s a good sign there’s many things to be excited about, no?

I’m sure I missed some good ones, so I’m curious – what’s your conference wish list 2010?

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